Bernie & Sid

From 6-9am Eastern Weekdays

replayed at Midnight

The Brian Kilmeade Show

9 to !2 Weekdays

replayed at 9pm

John Gibson

Noon to 3pm Eastern Weekdays

replayed at 6pm

The Sean Hannity Show

Weekdays at 3pm Eastern 

replayed at 3am

Bobby Likis Car Clinic

Saturday and Sunday Mornings at 10am Eastern  

Buck$ on the Book$helf

Saturdays at Noon Eastern

replayed Monday Morning at 2am 

The Fish Florida Show

Sunday Mornings from 8am til 10  

replayed at 3pm

The Sgt. Frank Show

Saturdays at 2pm Eastern

replayed Monday Morning at 1am

Art Bell Somewhere in Time

Saturday Nights at 9pm Eastern

Coast to Coast AM

Fri Night-Saturday Mornings at 1am Eastern  Sunday Mornings at 1am After Art Bell Somewhere in Time

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